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Career Counseling

Choosing what you will do when you grow up can be very difficult for a high school teenager, especially when the maturity exams are coming soon.

I met many teenagers who had no idea what they want to do in the future and their only arguments in choosing a profession were "my mother told me to do this" “my father is a doctor / lawyer / economist and he said it's good to have a job like his", "everyone wants to be a doctor / lawyer / teacher ", etc. The drama begins only after they finish the college and get to work but realize they do not like what they do. From disappointment and frustration to depression is only one step.

Teens need models for choosing what career to follow. They need to analyze their wishes and the resources they have available.

They may want to become neurosurgeons today and after half a year may realize that they want to become archaeologists. Or maybe architects. And finally go for Art.

Everything starts with questions like: "What I like to do?", "What talents do I have?", Do I like to work alone or in teams?", Can I see myself doing this job for a long time from now?".

Choosing a profession or a new job requires a lot of time to think and to seek information and experiences. But the result will be as expected.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!” (Confucius)