consiliere psihologica

What is Psychological Counseling?

Psychological counseling is a short / medium time psychological intervention with the aim to prevent or to remit certain personal, cognitive, emotional and / or behavioral issues and to restore psychological balance.

The problems can vary from person to person and include educational, professional, family, social, psycho-emotional issues.

During the counseling process, the counselor is not giving advice to the client but s/he helps the clients to understand the problems generating mental imbalance and their causes. Thus a number of solutions can be explored and implemented. The client will cope better with the reality and will choose his/ her own decisions and takes action.

What is the difference between Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy?

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy are two very similar processes, but there are some aspects that differentiate them: Counselling has often a preventive role. Counseling focuses mainly on the client's present problems.

Psychotherapy has a curative role. Psychotherapy  addresses specific problems as mental health, somatic and psychosomatic problems,  eating disorders, addictions, identity disorders, trauma, loss etc.

Psychotherapy involves broader exploration of the client’s past and expectations for the future.

Psychotherapy is an intervention which requires a longer period of time because the assisted  issues have a higher degree of complexity.