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The road to who I am now and to what I am doing today started a long time ago, after numerous stages.

My 15 years experience in the business environment has familiarised me with the way in which you have to deal with various types of people: employees, clients and colleagues, all coming from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. Regardless of the domain I worked, Human Resources, Market Research or Marketing, how you respond to others needs is essential.

I faced the real challenge, however, in my therapy office, the place where respect, support, trust, confidentiality, understanding and empathy shake hands and work together to help the person in need of a change.

When we talk about fear, depression, lack of self-confidence, the loss of someone dear, retirement, divorce, domestic violence, losing your job, the stress we feel is resounding. Psychotherapy and counseling can help you overcome the pain and discomfort provoked by these difficult experiences. They can help you move on.

Diana Popescu

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist, member of the Romanian Psychologists Association.

Professional competencies in:
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Children, Teens and Adults Psychotherapy
  • Personal Development
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