Being a parent is one of the most difficult roles that someone can assume in a lifetime.

The word "parenting" is used today to describe everything that is linked to the rise and care of a child. It is a word that covers a lot of issues like proper child care (nutrition, hygiene, etc.), communication with children and their education.

From the moment she/he is born, the changes that occur in a child's development amaze and scare us equally. From their first smile, first steps, first words and first signs of socializing, the child goes, in a very short time span, from early childhood, when s/he is completely dependent on his/her parents, to middle childhood when s/he learns how to be independent, to use his/her imagination, to be curious, to exercise his/her self-control and develop his/her motor and cognitive abilities.

Then comes adolescence, which is the transition period of the child towards maturity, a period full of changes on different levels: physical, psychological, cognitive, social.

Each stage of child development has its own peculiarities and knowing them help us understand what is happening with our child.