psihoterapie copii
During the child psychotherapy session problems specific to their age can be approached:
  • lack of self-trust, shyness
  • hyperactivity
  • aggressive behaviour
  • phobias (e.g. fear of darkness, of the monsters under the bed)
  • anxiety, excessive worry
  • separation anxiety
  • enuresis, encopresis
  • nail biting
  • anger episodes
  • learning problems
  • depression
  • trauma

Child Psychotherapy

“Small children, small problems, big children, big problems”

Each one of us has heard this at one point in their lives. Being a parent is not an easy job.

From the moment s/he is born, the changes that occur in a child’s development amaze and scare us equally. From their first smile, first steps, first words and first signs of socializing, the child goes, in a very short time span, from early childhood, when s/he is completely dependent on his/her parents, to middle childhood when s/he learns how to be independent, to use his/her imagination, to be curious, to exercise his/her self-control and develop his/her motor and cognitive abilities.

Stressful situations occur when children feel sad, angry, helpless or apathetic because of reasons they can’t explain and they can’t adapt to. Children can encounter problems because of classmates, school, parents’ divorce or of the loss of someone dear. They don’t know how to express and verbalise their emotions, but together, using games, painting, modelling, drawing, role-playing, we can ascend on the path to self-discovery, to strengthening the relations with those around and to a harmonious growth.

Thus, the child will be ready for his / her change to adolescence.

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