What do clients say ?

- Carmen, 44

“Professionalism, empathy, commitment, dedication!

Support and real help. After each session I felt stronger, more balanced and able to perceive and understand my personal strengths and weaknesses. Therapy helped me to balance, to regain my self-esteem and confidence in myself! Diana helped me to learn about assertivity, to say those who hurt me that I am not allowing them to hurt me again, to manage situations that thought beyond me. Thank you!”

- Andreea, 39

“Why a psychologist and why Diana Popescu? There are two questions that you ask yourselves since you read my opinion.

Last year my husband went through some terrible moments: an ordinary foot sprain led to a bilateral pulmonary embolism and it was a miracle that he survived. That was the moment when my panic attacks appeared and I did not know what was happening to me. I have two minor children who need their parents and this was the reason to look for help. It was not hard to accept the idea of  starting a medical treatment based on pills, it was more difficult to begin psychotherapy. It's easy to take pills, but not enough! A psychiatrist recommended to start a cognitive behavioral therapy, which last aprox.12 sessions.

A friend of mine recommended Diana. She managed to make me understand the moods I experienced in early stages of therapy. She never treated me as a patient, but more like a close friend. After I finished the cognitive behavioral therapy I continued with personal development sessions. Diana helped me regain my self esteem. After a period of time I asked her to see my elder daughter (10 y.o.) to talk with her but not because she had a problem but because Diana knows how to pull the best out of you and help you overcome your fears.

Her strong point is that she practices this profession with passion and not for other reasons and you will see this when you will meet her.”